Hookah menu is the effective way to automate a hookah bar work.

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The best solution for automation of hookah

Hookah service allows you to configure the system under the firm requirementstaking the orders, stock balance, accounting in hookah bar, staff control and customer base. Save time and increase the profits of your firm. 

Does not require installation

Hookah menu doesn’t need installation

The program for accounting hookah is a cloud system, to use it you will need only a computer with Internet access!

Easy to set up

Easy personalization of Hookah menu

Before sound servicing, setting-up takes only 2 hours. Our specialists will help you in a format convenient for you!

Full automation

Full automation of a hookah bar

Everything is in one Hookah menu including warehouse accounting, catering accounting and stock control, staff and salaries, customer base and discount system as well as reporting!

Fast start

Affordable solution

Hookah menu does not require financial expensive for installing the special equipment and programs To get the Hookah menu started, you need just one device (tablet or laptop) with the browser installed.


For Owners

  • Full automation of hookah bar; 
  • Ability to remotely
    monitor the firm;
  • Reducing costs;
  • Control of financial flows;
  • Increase in revenue;
  • Setting up the system
    under the bar needs.
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For staff

  • Convenient management of orders
    and boarding the guests in the lounge;
  • Warehouse accounting of commodity items,
    nomenclatures and packaging;
  • Increase work efficiency.
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For customers

  • Innovative application
    Hookah menu for the convenient hookah ordering;
  • Create wow-effect for guests;
  • Saving history
    of hookah orders
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Manage the firm
from any place worldwide

The Hookah menu is located on a secure server on the Internet and is accessible only to the owner of the firm, by login and password. Hookah service allows you to monitor sales and manage the firm 24/7 from any place worldwide having the access to the Internet.

Test Back-Office

Customer application
To use the application:
1. Connect to the Wi-Fi institution. The
2. Go to the site hookah.menu

Hookah app allows bar customers to acquain with a wide range of tobaccos. Experienced smokers will be able to form their order in all details, and it will be more easy for the less experienced guests to identify their taste and price preferences to the hookah maker or choose one of the recommended ready-made mixes.

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Why should you buy our system?

Creating a loyalty system without expenses

Instead of obsolete cards for guests, use the guest’s phone. Discount and cumulative systems, groups of clients, flexible promotion system

Detailed accounting
of tobacco

Adjust the tobacco cancellation rates for different bowl models. Accounting for tobacco brands and tastes. Accurate analysis of the consumables.

Keeps receiving the orders
from client devices

Increases the efficiency of the hookah maker. Allows monitoring the information about customers and creating the loyalty system.

Full control of staff

Notifications of the shift status. A detailed accounting of the work results. A detailed reporting on the employees actions. 

Accounting for hookah equipment

Analytics on the of the equipment using, inventory. A ready-made equipment database of the market with detailed descriptions and photos. 

Notifications and order statistics

Automatic e-mailing the reports about the work results for each shift. Analytics on checks, orders and cash account. Notifications about stock shortage and in case of equipment breakage



Suitable for small and medium-sized bars
Pay only for those hookahs,
which you make.
There are no hidden fees.

0.10 $ per hookah Choose a tariff

Pay once
and work without restrictions.
The Unlimited package has already got
Bar and Simple Kitchen module.

50 $ per month Choose a tariff


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Does not require installation

Bar and Simple Kitchen Hookah menu

Goods, ingredients, Technological maps and menu structure.

10 $ per month
Does not require installation

Social Marketing

Track social networks of your guests and make detailed analytics.

In development.
Does not require installation

Online Reserving

Now customers of your bar will be able to view the map of the lounge and make a booking through the website.

In development.

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