Accounting Hookah menu

  • Monitoring the care / arrival of staff and recording the results of their work
  • Complete statistics for orders. Detailed analysis of sales (income, expense, margin, losses and mark-ups)
  • Convenient inventory system and detailed warehouse accounting

Full control

  • Ability to lead
    network of firms
  • Posts and levels of access for all
    employees of your firm
  • Access to the Hookah menu back-office 24/7
    from anywhere in the world
  • Instant notifications
    about important events

Hookah menu widgets

  • Up-to-date sales information
    now in online mode
  • Business processes in the form of graphs and diagrams
  • Planning of purchase of consumables

Convenience in work

  • Acceptance of an order
    in one click
  • Control of the situation
    in the hall
  • Optimization of purchases

Work more efficiently

  • Instant notifications of guest requests to the work device and personal phone
  • Full history of orders for regular customers
  • Saving of forces and time at peak loads of a hall, at the expense of registration of orders in web application

New impressions with Hookah menu

  • Wow effect for the guest,
    function "mix yourself a hookah"
  • View up-to-date information on tobacco, hookahs, bowls, etc.
  • Storing the history of orders, the possibility of re-ordering in one click

Obvious advantages

  • The shortcut function increases the loyalty of your guests.
  • Collection of personal information and order history. Personalization of relations with the guest.
  • Getting a real feedback from the guests is quick and convenient.
  • Raising the average check through the aps in the client application.

Manage hookah
business easily

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