Suitable for small and medium-sized bars
Pay only for those hookahs,
which you make.
There are no hidden fees..

по 0.10 $ per hookah Choose tariff

Pay once a month
and works without restrictions
The Unlimited package has already got
Bar and Simple Kitchen module.

50 $ per month Choose tariff

* 50 $ to the first hookah bar. For all subsequent hookah bar a 50% discount.


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Does not require installation

Bar and Simple Kitchen Hookah menu

Goods, ingredients, Technological maps and menu structure.

10 $ per month
Does not require installation

Social Marketing

Track social networks of your guests and make detailed analytics.

In development.
Does not require installation

Online Reserving

Now customers of your bar will be able to view the map of the lounge and make a booking through the website.

In development.