Suitable for small and medium-sized bars
Pay only for those hookahs,
which you make.
There are no hidden fees..

по 0.10 $ per hookah Choose tariff

Pay once a month
and works without restrictions
The Unlimited package has already got
Bar and Simple Kitchen module.

120 $ per month Choose tariff

* 120 $ to the first hookah bar. For all subsequent hookah bar a 50% discount.


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Does not require installation

Bar and Simple Kitchen Hookah menu

Goods, ingredients, Technological maps and menu structure.

10 $ per month
Does not require installation

Social Marketing

Track social networks of your guests and make detailed analytics.

10 $ per month
Does not require installation

Online Reserving

Now customers of your bar will be able to view the map of the lounge and make a booking through the website.

10 $ per month

Additional features

Посмотреть дополнительные
Does not require installation

Device for the waiter

We provide for rent a tablet PiPO X9 as a working terminal for an employee, the rental price is 30 $ per month

Does not require installation


All tariff plans include technical support by email and by phone 24/7