Requirements for the workplace
  • The presence of the device (computer / tablet) with an Internet connection at the workplace of the hookah.
  • Presence of weights at the workstation of the hookah.
Requirements for the device (tablet)

For comfortable work with the system on the tablet, the device must meet the minimum requirements for the screen parameters, these are:

  1. The resolution of the screen from 1280х800 pixels
  2. Screen size from 9 inches

Because service cloudy and is an adaptive site, other characteristics such as processor, RAM, etc. are not particularly important when choosing a device. They will not actually affect the system's performance. We analyzed the assortment of online stores and made a list of recommended devices in terms of price / parameters, prices fluctuate around 3000 UAH for a new device:

  • Assistant AP-115G IPS HD
  • Bravis NB106 3G IPS
  • Nomi Ultra+ C10103
  • Jeka JK-960 3G
  • Prestigio MultiPad Visconte
  • Teclast X10 3G

Also, in this price segment, you can buy used ipad 2/3, which is ideal for comfortable work with the service.

Requirements for hookahs
  • Absolutely all hookahs should be carried through the system
  • Work only on weights
  • Have information about tare weight
  • Make sure that the container was the actual marking

To work with the system, you need to perform a minimum set-up in six steps, namely:

  • introduce general information;
  • adjust pricing, ways of piling (fortress), tags of preferences for guests;
  • add consumables: tobacco, coal, mouthpiece, bulb fillers
  • add cups;
  • add flasks, mines, bowl covers, hoses and accessories;
  • configure access rights and create employee accounts.

The "Setup Procedure" section contains a detailed description of the above items.

Step 1: Adding general information
Start time of the accounting day
Time of counting a new day when forming a sales report. Example: (subject to selection 5:00) checks closed in the interval 5: 00-24: 00 on April 1 and 00: 00-4: 59 on April 2, the reports will be dated April 1

The word which will serve as the identifier of your firm in the format (example: hookah fog with subdomain

Where will you then see the subdomain of the firm? – 1) in the browser line of the owner, or employee, while working with this firm

 в строке браузера владельца, или сотрудника, во время работы с этим заведением

2) in the browser bar of the mobile device of the guest, after he connects to the wifi firm and in the address bar will write

в строке браузера мобильного устройства гостя, после того как он подключится к wifi заведения и в адресной строке напишет
IP-address of the firm

The IP address of the firm is the address where employees and guests have access to your i firm's account (so that the employee can start the shift and the guest was able to start the client application, they both need to connect to the wifi point of the institution)

How to determine the IP address for everything to work? - connect to the wifi firm and click the "Determine the current IP" button

Step 2: Pricing, tobacco strengths, preference tags
Pricing settings
  • By grams - for each brand of tobacco you define "cost per guest for 100 grams". The guest pays according to the amount of each of the tobaccos that are included in his order..
  • According to the table - the most common option, you define several price categories (for example, simple, premium, lux). When you add tobacco to the system, one of the parameters is the "price category" to which this tobacco should be attributed. If you order a hookah with tobacco from different price categories, the final price of the hookah will correspond to the most expensive category, among the selected ones.
Setting tobacco strengths

Strength have two parameters - the Name and Weight Factor.

The weight factor indicates how much the pre-set weight of the selected bowl-tobacco combination will be multiplied.


We installed a bowl (turka) -Tabak (Nakhla) for the combination of 14 grams. The system has two options for the Strength:

  • Standard (coefficient = 1)
  • Overpack (coefficient = 1.3).

The total weight of the write-off for this bowl-tobacco combination in the case of selecting the Standard strength will be 14 grams, and if you select Overpack, 18 grams, respectively.

Attention! the chosen strength does not affect the final cost of the hookah. This means that in the above example the guest will pay the same amount regardless of the choice of Standard, or Overpack. That is, in the sales reports you will see that the order margin with the Overpack strength is less than the order with the strength Standart

If you do not want to use weighting factors, you can use " strength " as an extra opportunity for the visitor to clarify his order for the hookah. That is, you can create, for example, such strength as:

Light (coefficient = 0.99)

Standard (coefficient = 1)

Medium (coefficient = 1.01))

In fact, these factors will not affect the rate of cancellation, but the hookah on the basis of the choice of the guest Light, or Medium, will be able to make adjustments to the hookah cooking process in order to take into account the wishes (for example: increase / decrease the warm-up time; put the tobacco fluffy, or more tightly; slicing tobacco leaf)

Preferred Tags
In the case when a guest, when ordering a hookah, chooses "tobacco at the discretion of a hookah", he is offered to briefly describe his taste preferences by marking one or several tags. For example: sweet, sour, fresh, spicy, etc.
Step 3: Adding consumables: tobacco, coal, mouthpiece, bulb fillers
Note! Most of the inventory (mines, bowls, flasks, etc.) and tobaccos on the market are already presented in the system with full descriptions and photos. For correct addition, you must specify the original name.
Addition of tobacco

Pressing the Nomenclature → Tobacco → + Addition of tobacco, you will call up the window (Fig.1) in which you need to specify the following parameters:

  • Brand tobacco (select from the drop-down list)
  • The name of the taste of tobacco (choose from the drop-down list)
  • Number of grams (weight of added tobacco)
  • Input price per 100 g (value in purchase)
  • Price for a customer for 100 g (this item will be relevant if you use pricing "by gram." Otherwise, you can enter any number)
  • Price category (this item will be relevant if you use pricing "according to the table", select a category from the drop-down list)
  • Description (in case of choosing a brand and taste of tobacco from our database, this field will automatically load the description, however, you can specify your own description)
  • Taste (in the case of choosing a brand and taste of tobacco from our database, this box will automatically select a pre-selected taste, you can choose a different taste from the list, or write your own version.The parameter you specify in this clause will be used to sort the tobacco by the guest and hookah)
  • Select the source of funds for the purchase of this product (in the case of selection as a source of "money from the cash register" will be amended accordingly in the Reports section → Cash)
  • After filling in the fields, click the "Next" button to go to the second step "Specifying the capacity for different driving options" (Fig.2)
Addition of tobacco
Fig. 1
Attention! step "Specifying the capacity for different driving options" is proposed in case of adding a new brand to the system, with the subsequent addition of new tastes of the same brand, the step indicating the pram and recommendations will be omitted.
Addition of tobacco
Fig. 2
  • in the "Indication of capacity" window, specify the rate of writing off this brand of tobacco for each of the bowls.
  • To recommend to visitors to smoke the added brand of tobacco on a certain bowl, put a tick in front of her. Recommended bowls, after selecting the appropriate tobacco, will be located in the client application at the top of the list and will be marked with a marker. Also the recommended bowls will be the first in the list in the front-office of the hookah at creation of the order
Addition of coal

By clicking on Nomenclature → Consumables → + → , you will bring up a window in which you need to specify the following parameters:

  • Brand and name
  • Input price for 1 kg (cost in purchase)
  • The consumption per one hookah in grams (example: in a standard kilogram pack of coconut coal 72 cubes, 1000g / 72sht = 13.8 grams, we will take the rate of consumption as 4 pcs / hookah, which means "consumption per hookah in grams" = 13.8 * 4 = 55 grams)
  • number of kg. (weight of coal added)
  • source of funds for the purchase of this good
Adding a mouthpiece

By clicking on Nomenclature → Consumables → + → Adding a mouthpiece, you will call up a window in which you need to specify the following parameters:

  • name
  • admission price per 100 pcs
  • consumption per 1 hookah, pcs.
  • number of mouthpieces added, pcs.
Adding fillers

By clicking on Nomenclature → Fillers → +, you will bring up a window in which you need to specify the following parameters:

  • Quantity L. (The amount of filler added)
  • The input price for 1L. (cost in procurement)
  • Consumption per 1 hookah, ml.
  • Extra charge (the amount paid by the guest, for the presence of this filler in his order)
  • source of funds for the purchase of this good
Step 4: Adding and Configuring the Bowls
Note! Most of the inventory (mines, bowls, flasks, etc.) and tobaccos on the market are already presented in the system with full descriptions and photos. For correct addition, you must specify the original name

The system makes it possible to make both classical and fruit cups. The process of adding a cup consists of 4 steps:

  • Specifying information about the bowl
    • Brand and name (from the drop-down list, if you select a bowl that is in the base, in the field "description" and "photo" will automatically load data from the database)
    • The input price for 1 piece.
    • Extra charge (the amount paid by the guest, for the availability of this cup in his order)
    • Cost of the battle (for guests)
    • Number of added cups
  • Indication of compatibility with mines that are entered into the system
  • Indication of compatibility with the covers that are entered in the system
  • Indication of the rate of cancellation and recommendations for each brand of tobacco entered into the system relative to the added bowl
Step 5: Adding shanks, flasks, bowls, tubes and accessories
Note! Most of the inventory (shank, bowls, flasks, etc.) and tobaccos on the market are already presented in the system with full descriptions and photos. For correct addition, you must specify the original name.

In case of adding a shank, bulb, or covering the bowl, you must specify the general data (brand, name, input price, markup, cost of combat) and indicate the appropriate compatibility.

When adding pipes, only general data (brand, name, input price, mark-up, cost of combat) are needed. Activation of the item "This tube can order the customer" will mean that when ordering the hookah in the client application, this handset will be available at the stage of selecting additional services.

Step 6: Configure access rights, create employee accounts

First of all, in the Posts section, define the employee's authority that will correspond to the policy of your institution regarding the staff.

Create an employee account specifying the basic data (name, phone, institution where the employee can work, position) and data for employee authorization (email, password)

Popular Mixes

After the guest in the client application clicks "Order hookah", he is offered several ways of choosing tobacco, namely:

  • leave it at the discretion of the hookah, indicating their wishes in the form of flavor tags
  • Choose tobacco and indicate the proportions yourself
  • Select one of the "popular mixes" with ready-made proportions and description
Who chooses tobacco?Selection of mixes
1) The mix will not be displayed to the guest, if not available, or one of the ingredients is inactive.
2) The button "Popular tobacco mixes" will not be displayed to the guest, in the event that none of the mixes is available at the moment
Additional services

Additional services include items such as cooling mouthpieces, bulb lights, board games, etc.

Additional service will be available for selection to guests if you activate the item "Show additional service in the client application".

If you have activated the item "This tube can be ordered by the customer" when adding an inventory of the "handset", then this tube will be available when ordering a hookah in the client application at the stage of selecting additional services. In this case, the guest can naturally choose only one of the presented tubes ordering a hookah.

Such notifications as: "about equipment warfare", "about the status of the shift" and "about the end of the goods" you can receive both in the mail and in Telegram.

The item "send reports on the work shift" means that after your employee closes the shift, you will receive a letter with the results of the work on the mail.

Limit values for the range of flow - as soon as the amount of consumable reaches the set limit, the material falls into the list of the widget "product end" and you get a notification.

Configuring the bar module
Recommendations on the order of setting the bar

First of all, before setting up the bar, you need to create a complete structure of "Category of goods"

The second step is the creation of categories of ingredients, for this you need to look through your tech. maps and select several groups of ingredients (for example: alcohol, non alcohol, fruit, additions)

After creating the categories of ingredients, make the ingredients yourself, if any of them you can serve as a product, then immediately indicate the options for filing for the product.

After creating the structure of product categories, you can start adding "goods" and "goods from ingredients"

Logical structure (categories)

Categories of ingredients - the logical structure of the ingredients that make up the goods. Categories are used when creating / editing a product (when adding the next ingredient to that card, it is convenient to select the category first to filter a part of the assortment and not search the entire list), and also used to sort items by categories in the Ingredients tab. Our system allows you to create category hierarchies up to four levels of nesting.

Product categories are the structure of your menu, consisting of generalizing semantic groups of varying degrees of nesting.

The main goal in the creation of categories is to find the necessary positions more quickly, moving from general to private features. Adding a new product, or dish, is best to begin by understanding which category this product belongs to. Our system allows you to create hierarchies up to four levels of nesting. Below is a screenshot of one of the examples of organizing the bar menu structure, as well as nesting levels. Categories of products will serve as navigation for guests when ordering drinks through the client application, so try to make your structure understandable logically. Do not create many branches if your bar assortment does not require it.

Logical structure (categories)

Ingredients are displayed only from employees and from the Owner, the ingredients combined in technical cards are "goods from ingredients". The ingredient can also be a commodity, for this, when adding it to the system, you need to put a corresponding mark.

Logical structure (categories)

We recommend that in the Title field, not only the name of the ingredient, but also additional information, such as taste, variant of packing, gas / medium gas, etc., be indicated.


- Sugar stick, sugar refined.

- Syrup Raspberry, Syrup Chocolate

- Cream 33%, Cream chantilly

As for the units of measurement, it is best to choose the same multiplicity of units of measurement, that is, to use only kilograms and liters, or only milliliters and grams, to reduce the probability of error when introducing different goods (except for those that are counted individually).

When adding a product: in the title it is necessary to specify additional information, for example, the taste of juice, so that guests can order a specific juice from the client application, you need to keep a record of tastes (Juice Rich Pineapple, Juice Rich Orange), but not in general (Rich Juice in assortment). The same with sugar syrups, and liqueurs.

The product can have several options for the order, for alcoholic beverages it is usually 50ml and 1L. Pay attention, the first variant of the order will be chosen by default, when the guest in the client application will click on this product, that is, he will be asked to indicate the amount of 50 ml, or 1 liter. It's best to specify 50 ml first, and 1 second second (as in the screenshot below), so that most people who order 50 ml each do not have to switch the option each time. The product can be an ingredient, as an example of Rom on the screenshot, participates as an ingredient in cocktails.

Logical structure (categories)
Products of the ingredients

Products of the ingredients - a process map of drinks and dishes. When creating such a product, you should specify general data, add ingredients, and cost for the guest. In the field "the sum of the prices of ingredients" the cost price of the goods is automatically calculated, according to the purchase prices of the ingredients.

In the case where you need to create several similar products, you can do this on the basis of the first created product by clicking the button and selecting "Duplicate goods" in the context menu.

"Duplicate goods" explanation: those. The "espresso" card usually consists of 7-9 grams of coffee and a serving of sugar of 5-10 grams. That is, the basic write-off in coffee beverages is coffee beans and sugar, then you can add milk and get a "cappuccino" or "latte". In order not to choose coffee and sugar every time you create a technical card for a coffee drink, you can create a duplicate of the product and add the rest of the ingredients to it.

The same logic can be applied to teas, lemonades and so on, which will speed up the process of setting up the system.

Logical structure (categories)


+38 (067) 990 92 29
Registration form
Why do I need the original physical address of my institution?
Your legal address is needed in order to display your institution on the city map of users "".
What is a "subdomain"?
This is the subdomain of the firm in which the application should run. Simply put, this is the name of your firm, which will be displayed in the address bar of the browser.
I registered, enter my login and password and can not log into my account. What could be the reason?
After registration you will receive a confirmation email. Make sure that you clicked on the link listed in the email and activated your account.
I registered the institution from my home computer, I come to the institution - problems with logging into the account of the hookah.
Register an institution you need from the IP-address of the institution in which it will function. If this situation has already occurred, then you should go to "Settings" -> "General" and change the IP address - automatically ("DETERMINE CURRENT IP" button) or manually.
Client application
Why is there no "order hookah" button in the client application?
The button "order a hookah" is missing only if the hookah does not open its shift. Make sure that the shift is open.
I enter the in the browser and I do not open the client application.
The client application only works from the IP to which the firm was registered. Check the connection of your device to the Wi-Fi point of the firm
How to order a hookah through the application?
In order to go to the client application, the guest needs to connect to your Wi-Fi and enter the address "" in the browser line, after which he automatically gets into the CP of your firm.
General issues
Where is the setting of printing checks and how to display them?
To withdraw a check you need any thermal printer. To set up a check printing, you need to go to "Settings" -> "Print".
How can I see the rest of tobacco or supplies?
In the tab "Nomenclature", and further "Tobacco" / "Consumers" contains all the information that includes the quantity, the average price and the cost you set for 1 hookah.
How to register a permanent guest?
In order to register a guest, you need to go to the "Clients" tab and fill in a small box: name, contact phone number, contact email address, date of birth and set a discount percentage. This person will receive an email with a notification and password for authorization in the client application. Advantages: order history, personal discount.
What is the "start time of the accounting day" in the settings?
This is the time after which the system will automatically sum up the financial results of the working day.
How can I tell if the consumable is running out?
This is always prompted by the widget "Product ends", which is located on the info panel. Also, it is possible to configure automatic sending of notifications to an email address or telegram in the event of the end of consumables.
How to make a tobacco census?
Go to the tab "Nomenclature" -> "Inventory", select the section we need (tobacco, shanks, etc.), enter the actual balances and click the "take inventory" button. The report on it will be sent to the "Reports" -> "Inventory"